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With over 40 years in business and well over 5000 trailers built for all kinds of aircraft, we are one of the leading suppliers in the market.

Our trailer "Komet-ECO" with a red frame


All KOMET trailers are built to the highest standards, with torsion resistant welded square aluminum tubular frame, chassis sides made from welded double-walled aluminium extrusion profiles, composite fibreglass top-shells with a robust aluminium safety frame to protect your aircraft even in the event of an accident with the trailer.  Our "Classic" models are equipped with independent wheel suspension and integrated coil springs for ulitmate protection of your investment!


Inside the Komet Classic trailer built for the Schleicher ASG 32. The safety frame is painted blue, the inside of the shell is painted white (optional feature).
Independent wheel suspension with integrated coil springs. Standard on the Classic and an option ECO and Eurolight models.



Our range of  Komet trailers is comprised of the three models, Classic, Special-Edition and ECO-Smart. The ECO-Smart is the standard entry level configuration and is also available in kit form for DIY construction.

You can uprade the ECO-Smart to Special-Edition just by adding some of the options (e.g. 25mm composite sandwich floor, shock absorbers and wide tires), in the same way, the Special-Edition can be upgraded to our superior Classic model by adding yet more options, such as Polyurethane finish, aluminium sandwich floor, or the independent suspension.

While all the various options and accessories are available on any of the three basic models, there are cost advantages associated with the standard ECO-Smart and Special-Edition 


All our trailers comply with German DOT (Tüv) and are ready to drive away. 


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Our primary aim always to deliver the higest level of customer satisfaction. In adition to our standard rage, we will seek to realise any requirement that you might image. For example a solar-powered humidity control, a charging station for eletric powered aircraft, LED interior lighting and even a drying line for your wing wing covers! We offer a wireless remote for the chassis and much more. Please contact us for any specific requests you might have.

In adition to our range of trailers for Sailplanes we also offer trailers for Ultralight, Gyrocopters, baloons and custom-made trailers. As an example, we designed and built a trailer to accomodate three open class gliders. The trailers is completely roadworthy despite its size and was designed to fit perfectly into a shipping container. 

A bespoke trailer for three Open Class gliders - designed to fit in a shipping container.
Another bespoke trailer, this one made-to-measure for a Gyrocopter.

All work are is carried out to the highest possible standards of quality and workmanship in the true tradition of Made in Germany. Buy with confidence and be assured of our very best efforts on your behalf! 

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