Komet ECO-Smart-Kit - the Do-It-Yourself Construction!



 Our Komet ECO-Smart-Kit is also available as a do-it-yourself version with the following configuration:


  • Chassis sides made from double-walled welded aluminum.
  • Outside painted grey.
  • Torsion resistant
  • Top shell made from fibreglass with aluminum safety frame.
  • Special plywood floor.
  • Single axle including mechanical brake with auto reversing-release.
  • Single rail for fuselage- and wing dollies
  • side guides for wing dollies
  • mechanical lifting device for trailer ramp
  • all part unfinished: not ounted, unpainted, without padding; mounting and fitting on you own
  • Lighting fixtures installed.
  • Not included: fixtures for outboard wings and winglets, front storage box, spare tire and shock-absorbers etc.



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